The St. Charles County Registrar is responsible for keeping track of tax rates levied by all of the county’s political subdivisions; serving as secretary to the Board of Equalization; maintaining the records of the County Council, as well as the historical and archived records of the county; issuing notary commissions and licenses for auctioneers, ferry boats, tow truck companies, and the sale of liquor within the county. In addition, the County Registrar assumes all non-election related duties assigned to the County Clerk per Missouri State Statutes.

Individuals and organizations interested in obtaining records pertaining to St. Charles County government may do so by submitting a request in writing to the County Registrar. Requests may be mailed, hand delivered, faxed, or emailed. 

Records Request Form 

Enactment Ordinances with Penalty Provisions


The County Finance Department  issues Notary Commissions for bonded, qualified applicants who have been approved to act as a Notary Public by the Missouri Secretary of State’s office.

Applications to become a Notary Public are available at the Finance Department, and via the Secretary of State’s website at sos.mo.gov

Questions regarding Notary Publics (other than those regarding commissions) should be directed to the Missouri Secretary of State’s office at 573.751.2783.